We have put these community guidelines together to help everyone enjoy the Rough Guides site and to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to submitting reviews, comments and other creative content.

These Guidelines are incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of Use for the site and everything you do on the site is subject to them so please read them carefully.

What to do

  • Do respect other people

    The Rough Guides community is made up of a diverse range of readers and travellers with different interests and passions. We encourage debate but please be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.

  • Do moderate your content

    All content you post will go straight up on the site so please make sure that any content that you post is appropriate for anyone who visits the site to view and remember there may be children reading your content. The Rough Guides Community will be moderated by the Community Manager, who will remove inappropriate content.

  • Do enjoy reading other Community Members’ content and commenting on it!

    We want the Rough Guides Community to engage with all content users are creating – so please do post your comments and get involved with the site.

What not  to do

Doing any of the things listed below may result in your account being deleted, with or without warning.

  • Don’t upload any content that isn't yours

    You must not post any writing, photos, audio, videos or any other content created by anyone else without first getting their permission. Even if content is available elsewhere on the Web, if you use it or post it without the permission of the person that owns it, you will be infringing their copyright, which is illegal. Anyone that posts content that isn’t their own may have their account deleted at any time.

  • Don’t post anything that might be malicious or contain viruses

    You must not post content that may contain viruses or anything else that may break the site or other users’ computers. Any posts that we suspect may contain a virus or other malware will be removed immediately without notice to you.

  • Don’t post anything vulgar or offensive

    You must not post any vulgar or offensive images or other content or use any language that is rude, sexist, racist, threatening, abusive or offensive to anyone in any way. If we discover that you have posted any such material, we will remove that material and send you a warning. If you do it again, we will delete your account.

  • Don’t show nudity in your profile picture or use vulgar or offensive user names

    If we find that you've uploaded a profile picture that contains inappropriate content, we'll remove the content and send you a warning. If you do it again, we will delete your account. User names must not be vulgar or offensive. If we find usernames that contravene this we will send you a warning and if it persists we will delete your account.

  • Don’t upload content that is illegal or prohibited

    If you upload anything that is illegal or prohibited, we will delete your account and we will take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the relevant authorities.

  • Don’t vent on Rough Guides

    Rough Guides is not a soapbox for you to harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. Community members can report posts throughout the site, and, if we receive complaints about particular community members, we will investigate and may delete their accounts.

  • Don’t give too much away about you or other people

    You must not reveal any personal information about you or anyone else (e.g. address or phone number).

  • The Rough Guides Community is not a marketplace

    Don’t advertise, promote or offer to sell any goods or services. Don't use the Community to post survey requests or to promote for your personal website, blog or project. If we find you posting this type of content, we may take any or all of the following action: edit or delete your original post/link, issue a warning to you, delete your account.

Reporting inappropriate content

Other People (their content, their behaviour)

If you see any content in the Rough Guides community that you find offensive, abusive or which otherwise gives you cause for concern, you can report offensive content or behaviour to Rough Guides staff via:

  • The ‘Report’ link at the bottom of all questions and answers in the ‘Community’ area
  • The ‘Flag as inappropriate’ link in the drop down menu to the right of all article comments in the ‘Rough Stuff’ area.

Note: Please report from the specific page that the offensive content appears: this gives us the information we need to take action. However, if you use this reporting tool maliciously or without any real grounds for your complaints we may delete your account.

Copyright Infringement

If you suspect that a community member has infringed your copyright or that of anyone else, please contact the Rough Guides staff at [email protected] and they will contact the member directly. You may be tempted to contact the other member about what's happening but that's not the best way to resolve a possible dispute as it could be seen as harassment, especially if your suspicions are unfounded.

In Conclusion

We have compiled these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the Rough Guides Community respects the community and has the experience that they want.

You may also want to check our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy and Cookies Policy. If you ever have any questions or comments you can contact us by email [email protected].

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