The festive period is upon us again, and with so many celebrations it can be hard to keep up the pace. Luckily, there are some pretty inventive hangover cures out there to help you make it through to the new year. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting from around the world to ensure that you have a fighting chance the next day...

1. Leche de tigre (tiger’s milk), Peru

Your Peruvian hangover cure comes with a side of ceviche – leche de tigre is the marinade used to cure the fish. You might drink it from the bowl after you’ve finished eating or sip it from a glass on the side, but either way, the combination of lime, onion, chilli, garlic and fresh coriander will be sure to blow away those cobwebs.

2. Shakshuka, Tunisia

This delicious mixture of red peppers, harissa, tomatoes and eggs is thought to have originated in Tunisia, but is incredibly popular across North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Served with fresh, crusty bread, it’ll put your regular breakfast to shame.

3. Ostrich egg omelette, South Africa

Got a group of hungover friends? You’ll want to embrace a South African hangover cure and whip up an ostrich egg omelette. There’ll be plenty to go around as one ostrich egg contains the equivalent of two-dozen chicken eggs and weighs on average 1.4kg.

Hangover cures from around the world

4. Lechona, Colombia

This much-celebrated Colombian dish is made from a whole pig stuffed with onions, peas, rice, and roasted for over 23 hours. As it's so time consuming to prepare, this robust recipe is usually served on Sundays, making it the perfect remedy to a big Saturday night out.

5. Kokoreç, Turkey

On paper Kokoreç might not sound inspiring – especially if you're feeling rough – but once you've tried this Turkish sandwich, you'll understand why it's the most sought-after fast food in Istanbul. It's made with several kinds of lamb or goat organs, wrapped in the intestines, seasoned and cooked on a skewer in a similar way to a doner kebab.

6. A dip in a hot spring, Iceland

If your heavy night has led to a loss of appetite, there are few better cures than a dip in one of Iceland's beautiful blue pools.

One of the best hot springs to head to is Landmannalauger, a stunning outpost just inland from the south coast, where hot water streams mix with cold water streams to create the perfect hot-bath temperature. Get ready to laze for hours.

7. Prairie oysters, USA

Start with a bloody mary, then replace the vodka with brandy and the tomato juice with raw egg and you’ve got this classic American hangover cure. We take our hats off to anyone who can stomach it after a night out.

Hangover cures from around the world

8. Pickle juice, Poland

Pickle juice has been a hangover staple in Poland for generations. And the claim it eases the after effects of a big night out might actually carry some scientific weight; a recent study in Psychiatry Research found that pickles ease social anxiety and neuroticism. Cheers to that.

9. Hair of the dog, England

It might be medically unsound and socially questionable, but many Brits swear by “hair of the dog” – drinking again the next morning. Just don’t try it before work.

10. Ukon No Chikara, Japan

Drinking this turmeric-laced sugary drink, translated into English as 'The Power Of Turmeric', is a popular pre-booze preparation in Japan. For a more powerful dose, it’s also available in a less-appetizing powder form.

11. Haejangguk, South Korea

South Koreans are so confident this broth works that they've named it after its very function, “soup to cure a hangover”. It's typically made from ox blood, pork spine, vegetables and an intense array of spices.

bloody mary on the dock – creative commons license

12. Caesars, Canada

Bloody Marys might be better known, but Canada’s Caesars pack even more of a punch with clam broth in the mix. The garnishes are also pretty hearty: prawn, pickles, beans, olives and bacon can be found. Who needs boring old celery?